There is not a day I don’t think about Intergroup. The design that you did for Tundra in this building has not only made it a pleasure to work in, but I am always amazed at how the design continues to meet the growing needs of this company. We continue to expand the office, showroom and warehouse space. Thanks for all you did!
— Jannet Jamison, Project Lead - SX Migration

Tenant Improvement and Interiors

Intergroup’s community of Interior Design professionals are passionate about solving design challenges for our clients. From initial consultation through completion, it’s all about the people who live and work in these places, more so than what’s trending. We design from both interior design and architectural perspectives for a mix of new, existing, and older spaces for clients in various business sectors. We bring our clients’ visions to life through a process tailored to their needs with the following:

Conceptual Design

Space Planning

Materials and Finishes Building Standards

Creation of Palette of Colors / Materials

Contract Documents and Specifications

Furnishings, Fixtures, and Equipment Selections

Corporate Standards

Fine Art Programs

Graphics and Signage


  • Collaborate one-on-one with clients

  • Expose clients to innovative concepts, products, and ideas

  • Empower people to function at their best in a livable, likable environment

  • Integrate multi-functional spaces

  • Capture and interpret the uniqueness of each organization

  • Enhance the character-defining feature for each space

  • Design and deliver successful experiences


  • Our listening, curiosity, and understanding

  • Efficient, cost effective operations

  • Healthy workplaces = healthy employees and employers = healthy business bottom lines

  • Wellness benefits beyond an agile workplace: less stress, more effectiveness

  • Recognize work-life balance needs

  • Sustainability and energy conservation considerations and a commitment to the future

  • Capturing your unique character and brand identity

Some of Our Valued Clients