Agency of Record


7,553 SF


Denver, CO

Project Description

After AOR found the perfect Denver location that accommodated their expanding business, they partnered with Intergroup to create a personalized office remodel. Intergroup proposed highlighting the existing building’s natural design strengths by exposing interior brick walls and open trusses. To create a modern, open-office feel, Intergroup planned the demolition of several walls that constrained the floor plan. By removing these obstacles, the design took on a very modern, open-office feel. From there, as one of the unique aspects of this project, AOR’s owner Danyel Newcom created an interior design look and feel using Intergroup to interpret her vision into a constructible and building code compliant office space.

Client Profile

Agency of Record (AOR) is a marketing and branding firm that provides digital marketing, traditional marketing, and branding services.

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