Intergroup continues to enjoy the unique design opportunities presented with each of our retail clients; from the customization of spaces, assistance in building brand awareness, to enhancing customers shopping experiences
— Bill Smith, Senior Principal - Intergroup Architects

Retail Experience

We design mixed-use local and regional retail shopping centers, build-to-suit retail centers, and renovation designs that reposition and reinvigorate existing retail spaces. Our trained expert team can determine the square footage capability of a retail property in a matter of minutes. We have designed over 1 million square feet of Denver retail space working alongside developers such as Landon Enterprises, The Paul’s Corporation, and Weingarten Realty. Our lasting communities have received the Governor’s Award for Downtown Excellence and Hard Hat Awards. We are most well-known for designing the retro-deco Colfax Central, Arvada Grandview Plaza and Reno Place, Centennial Promenade, Aurora’s Town Center at Gateway Park, Parker’s Twenty Mile Mercantile, and The Orchards at Greenwood Village.


Our strategy is to develop significant retail visual identities that are immediately recognizable and attractive to the consumer, maximize the square footage of each property adhering to and expediting municipality requirements, provide flexibility in tenant sizing, and quickly deliver core and shell turning the space over to tenants more rapidly.



  • Focus on cost, speed, and space utilization

  • Integrate the developer’s overall plan into a quick-turn development that leases quickly

  • Maximize budget use, avoiding over utilizing and underutilizing funds

  • Make a unique sense of place that is attractive and draws consumers into retail experience shopping

  • Review functional requirements and exit strategy


  • Design attractive exteriors that are easily identifiable to your target market

  • Discuss image and marketing

  • Provide the highest level of team and client interaction with brand decision makers

  • Develop interiors that are easy to navigate and invite customers to linger

  • Design with flexibility in mind in order to adjust for future trends, innovation, and experimentation

  • Create features, such as branding of interiors and exteriors, with scalability for successful spaces like flagship stores to smaller remodels


  • Improve overall look and feel to attract new and better tenants

  • Make each line-item detail have purpose for repositioning

  • Review budget expectations and limits

  • Provide a variety of solutions that narrow focus

Some of Our Valued Clients