HighField 5


101,000 SF


Englewood, CO




Bradbury Properties has completed 4 successful projects in the HighField Business Park, capitalizing on market demand for high quality, state-of-the-art office and distribution space. This project is a direct result of the four prior projects becoming fully occupied. Due to the sheer mass of the building, architectural design elements serve to break down the long building form into a series of details that create focus on entries and reduce the overall scale of the building. Although the exterior design is significant to the overall success for future leasing of this building, it was more important to view this project in the context of the area’s development. As part of the largest remaining undeveloped parcel, this site needed careful master planning. This building design ensures above all else a proper placement that allows maximum flexibility for the development of the remaining land long-term. This project received a 2017 Tilt-Up Achievement Award


Bradbury Properties is a prominent landowner for the past 60 years, in 1995 Bradbury Properties began transforming agricultural holdings into various business centers. In just a few short years, Bradbury Properties has developed Meridian Business Park, Lincoln Station, and HighField Business Park.

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