GSA Veterans Affairs


55,279 SF


Golden, CO

Project Description

The local division of Veterans Affairs designs very small hearing products and equipment modifications for use by disabled veterans across the nation. Although the bulk of this project involved remodeling an existing facility into new offices, assembly rooms, warehouse, storage, distribution, mezzanine, and conference areas, GSA stakeholders really wanted to design an employee gymnasium as a unique service to the individuals performing the difficult and meticulous day-to-day tasks. Intergroup created an exercise facility, locker room, and lunch room that could be utilized by employees whenever they needed a break. In the end, incorporating these new features assisted GSA in meeting their goals to improve employee morale, attract and maintain quality workers, and create a larger feeling of community throughout the office.

Client Profile

The General Services Administration (GSA) is an independent agency of the United States government. The organization provides U.S. government offices with basic support functions and products. The goal of the agency is to reduce government costs.

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