Core Knowledge


51,000 SF


Parker, CO


Core Knowledge Charter School needed a building solution that would allow the school to expand their current enrollment and provide additional studies to an existing school facility. Intergroup partnered with Core Knowledge to plan, design, and build a new expansion to their existing building. Due to unique site constraints, the proposed solution was to create a two-story addition. The finished project moved the 7th and 8th graders to the second floor of the building and freed up space for not only more enrollment of elementary students but also the creation of a pre-school aged program. In the end, this design created a unique environment and separated older students from younger students.


Founded in 1994, Core Knowledge Charter School began as a parent initiative to teach the Core Knowledge curriculum. Today, the school has over 600 students and 40 teachers, aides, and directors. After years of partnership between the parents, students, and teachers the school consistently scores among the highest in Douglas County and the State of Colorado on CSAP tests.

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