InnovAge Broadway

Square Feet:

36,561 SF


Denver, CO

Project Description

After finding a 1970s industrial building within walking distance from the light rail and with excellent locations for exposure and signage, Intergroup was brought on to convert the old industrial building into a day and health center for the elderly. The exterior of the building needed an extensive amount of redesign in order to appeal as a reputable healthcare center as well as fit within the context of the surrounding area. The interior facility was designed to provide meals, socialization, and recreation for elderly participants and the design was developed with a “wander loop” in order to aid in elderly way-finding and exercise. The loop contains entrances to physician services, nursing, rehabilitative care, cafeteria, and counseling entries with handrails on either side of the hallway to accommodate elderly needs.

Client Profile

InnovAge is a Colorado-based organization that provides a variety of specialized alternative medical and senior care services including in-home care, healthcare, adult day care, and rehabilitation facilities.

In 2016 InnovAge converted from a non-profit organization to profit.

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